Cerametronics Is Your Reliable Choice For Stable Products.

Cerametronics is a reliable choice for procuring electronic components that consistently deliver high quality and reliable performance. With a robust business network and partnerships with global manufacturers, we offer a wide range of electronic component brands and product choices. Our personalized, customized approach to electronic component procurement, inventory management, and logistics solutions allows us to adapt flexibly to changing customer demands. Additionally, we are committed to environmental sustainability and take responsibility for handling obsolete or end-of-life electronic components in an eco-friendly manner.

Cerametronics Is Backed By An A-List Team Of international electronic component Experts.

Cerametronics boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in the electronic component industry. Our team is comprised of experts from various countries, providing the company with a diverse perspective and a global understanding of the industry. This expertise enables us to offer customized solutions and cater to specific needs of customers in search of electronic components for their devices.

Ceramic DBC Direct Bonded Copper

Ceramic DBC is a reliable and high-performance heat dissipation substrate with advantages such as high thermal conductivity, high electrical insulation, high strength, high heat resistance, and eco-friendliness. It is widely used in power electronics, automotive electronics, LED lighting, and other applications due to its excellent performance and stability even under harsh conditions.

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Ceramic DPC Direct Plate Copper

Ceramic DPC is a type of ceramic circuit board with a copper layer directly plated onto the substrate, providing electrical connections, thermal management, and high-precision circuitry. It is made with materials like aluminum oxide or aluminum nitride, which offer high thermal conductivity and mechanical strength.